“Slow yourself down”

Frequently asked questions

Important information when joining our classes for the first time

– Kindly do not arrive late to classes as it will disrupt our practice and clients who are there on time.

– If you are new to the studio and coming for the first time then please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts.

– Leave your shoes at the door- shoe parking at reception.

– Please don’t bring your phone into the Yoga Shala, leave it in your bag, turn it off or on airplane mode

– Kindly leave your tea cup out of the Yoga Shala – to avoid spilling water on the floor

– If possible stay until the end of class so you do not interrupt the class, especially during Savasana, the final relaxation.

– Props and material used during class needs to be placed back carefully after practice

– Kindly refrain from talking during a Yoga practice as it takes away the focus of the teacher and the other students

– Please always respect the Yoga Shala and the teachers- leave the place like you found it, take your belongings home with you and if there are any problems you can address them via e-mail to our management team


All the above will allow us to preserve a wonderful space of peace and quiet and allows everyone to take the most out of their practice. Always entering a Yoga Shala with respect, peace and quiet. Thank you & Namasté

I have never done Yoga or Barre before, do you offer Beginners classes?

From time-to-time we do offer ‘Workshops’ for Beginners, but we do not have any weekly classes ‘exclusively’ for Beginners. We would suggest that you try a class, which is open to all levels, or is more relaxing; such as Hatha yoga, Deeply relax, Strala Yoga, Yin Yoga  or take advantage of our “introductory” offers  for Yoga, Barre, Body flying or our multi pack special. Everyone has different teaching techniques, so you might want to try a few classes first, and see what works best for you. Be sure to tell the teacher when you arrive.

How do I register for a class?

Our website is integrated with the Booking system Mind Body, which is also an app that can be downloaded to your mobile , Ipad or computer. MindBody asks for your basic details, all of which are GDP 2018 compliant. You can choose between individual sessions, packages or a subscription and pay with a major credit card (Visa/Mastercard). MindBody is a convenient and timely way to manage your schedule. We always ask everyone to register via Mindbody before classes start.

How much do classes cost?

A list of prices, packages and subscriptions is available on our website. Mind Body will also inform you of any ‘special offers.’

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need comfortable exercise attire (we have a changing area), some water (we have a no plastic where possible policy) a mat and little towel. If you do not have your own mat, you can rent one for 1 Euro per session, we just ask that you clean it after use. Unfortunately there are no showers in the studio but we do offer products for you to use at your convenience to freshen up. If you fancy some free tea after class you can bring your own little tea cup. We want to reduce waste and therefore no longer offer paper cups.

Where are you located?

We are located at 184, Route d’Arlon, 8010 Strassen, Luxembourg just opposite  the Pall center and close to Belle Etoile. We are reachable by the number 222/8 bus and you should depart the bus at the stop in front of studio. If you are coming by car, we  have 2 designated parking spaces for our clients clearly marked. Please do not park in the neighbouring businesses car parking spaces during business hours. You can park on the street with a vignette for 2 hours for free. There is always plenty of space along Route d’Arlon.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel minimum 12 hours before class starts via Mindbody
– For our members with a contract please cancel minimum 2 hours before class starts via Mindbody.
– Late cancellations will automatically be charged by the system with a drop-in fee.
– Contracts can not be ended before the end of the contract ( i.e memberships). We can exceptionally suspend contracts for a certain period of time with a medical certificate.
– 10 session passes are valid 3 months starting with the sale date.
– We offer many different workshops with local instructors as well as with international Yogis. Please go to ” Enrollments” on our Mindbody page and find more information there about our many interesting workshops. Workshop are non refundable

Can I end my contract prior to the termination date?

Unless you are unable to attend for medical reasons with a medical certificate where we can suspend the contract, contracts cannot be cancelled prior to the termination date without occurring an additional charge.

Can I take a ‘break’ in my contract for holidays?

The minimum break in a contract is 4 weeks in a row (1 month) for a 12 month contract only.

Opening Times of the studio

Please check our timetable for more information on the dates and times of each class and where you can book yourself in. The studio is always open whenever there are classes or workshops.


Please note that there is a slightly reduced time schedule during public holidays.

Do you sell Yoga Apparel and Yoga mats at the studio?

Yes we sell high quality Yoga apparel for women, the best quality Yoga mats on the market, Yoga straps and more. We also sell organic beauty products from Hawaii and the purest essential oils.

How can I get more news about your classes, special offers and more?

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to keep up to date with our latest news and announcements.

Feel free to register to our newsletter too with the latest information and news via our Website.