12 Months Membership

  • *Based on a 12 month contract.

    Unlimited Barre classes for 1 year is 155€/month
    (12 month contract)

    Unlimited Yoga, Unlimited Barre: 179€/month
    (12 month contract)

    Open Pass Unlimited access to all classes: 245€/month
    (12 month contract)

3 Months Membership

  • *Based on a 3 month contract.

    Unlimited Yoga: 155€/month
    (3 month contract)

    Unlimited Barre: 155€/month Summer Special, usually 190€/month
    (3 month contract)

    Open Pass: All classes unlimited 249€/month
    (3 month contract)

1 Month Membership

  • *Based on a 1 month contract.

    1 month membership unlimited Yoga: 250€/month
    (1 month contract)

    1 month membership unlimited Barre: 290€/month
    (1 month contract)



Unlimited Yoga

  • *Based on a 12 month contract.

    Seniors: 89€/month

    Students: 89€/month (8 month contract)

Unlimited Yoga & Pilates

  • *Based on a 12 month contract.

    Seniors: 119€/month

    Students: 119€/month (8 month contract)

Unlimited Yoga, Pilates & Barre

  • *Based on a 12 month contract.

    Seniors: 169€/month

    Students: 169€/month (8 month contract)

Drop-in Sessions & Packages

Body Flying

35per class
  • 10 sessions: 320€
    (valid 3 months*)

    10 sessions seniors & students: 310€
    (valid 3 months*)

    * From date of purchase

Group Personal Training

  • (maximum 6 people)

    Price and availability upon request

    Please contact us for more information


Private Personal Trainer

  • (60 minutes and by appointment only)

    Price and availability upon request

    Please contact us for more information



Multi Yogi Barre Pass

22per class
  • 10 sessions for 220€ including:

    4 Barre classes

    6 Yoga classes


Multi Hawaii Pass

22per class
  • 10 sessions for 220€ including:

    3 Body Flying classes

    3 Barre classes

    4 Yoga classes

Open Pass

  • Unlimited classes

    3 month contract

    249€ per month


Important Information

  • Mat rental is 1€ or you can bring your own mat or buy one at the studio.
  • Kindly do not arrive late to classes as it will disrupt our clients who are there on time.
  • If you are new to the studio and coming for the first time then please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

Cancellation Policy For Our Customers

  • Cancel minimum 12 hours before class starts via Mindbody
  • For our members with a contract please cancel minimum 2 hours before class starts via Mindbody.
  • Late cancellations will automatically be charged by the system with a drop-in fee.
  • Contracts can not be ended before the end of the contract ( i.e memberships). We can exceptionally suspend contracts for a certain period of time with a medical certificate.
  • 10 session passes are valid 3 months starting with the sale date.
  • We offer many different workshops with local instructors as well as with international Yogis. Please go to ” Enrollments” on our Mindbody page and find more information there about our many interesting workshops.

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